This is a short, but true tale of how a tiny grain of opportunity grew to become Mo’s Tonic and Barryville Organic.

Like many folks, scent has always been a fascinating and complex issue in my life.  When I was graced with an opportunity to study aromatherapy with veteran aromatherapist, Amy Galper at the NY Institute of Aromatherapy in NYC, I was curious enough and open enough to accept. It was through my study of essential oils, that the impact scent and essential oils have upon the human spirit and body became more apparent. I also became acutely conscious that the notion of what we put on our bodies, also finds its way into our bodies. This awareness was revelatory on a few levels. In January of 2014, I made a commitment to myself that only therapeutic, organic or wild harvested products would find their way upon my skin.  I am convinced that my overall health has been elevated as a result of my products and aromatherapy blends. It is within this spirit, that I am able to share these products with you.

The relationship between essential oil scent and therapeutic value upon the human spirit and body is generating more authenticity daily.*  

For us at Mo's Tonic, the spiritual aspect embedded in essential oils has been a journey filled with awe and respect. The ability for scent alone to have a profound impact on one’s psyche and spirit could be enough. However, when you couple the therapeutic aromatic nature of pure essential oil with plant based carrier oils, the intensity and efficacy of the plant integrity increases and the result is three fold: the products are therapeutic for the skin, the body and the spirit mind. It is a mutually symbiotic relationship and a synchronicity of the best kind.

We are mindful to the origin of the products and use fair trade, sustainable, organic or wild harvested products whenever possible. We believe the origin and care of the plant’s harvest and distillation is  equally important. This all becomes more relevant when delivering a product to you and your family.

These products have purposeful integrity from start to finish. We think they are pretty terrific, and hope that your 

experience is the same.

With lots of scented love,


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